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Пятница, 07.08.2020
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When Will The World End
HowardLoat Дата: Пятница, 22.01.2016, 18:01 | Сообщение # 1
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There's many end time prophecies from caso variety of civilizations that come together and describe today's times as when will the world end. With the infamous year 2012 quickly approaching, more and more people are investigating these predictions to determine their relevancy and have found some very frightening results.

The year 2016, has been assigned to the end times through em direção a 5125 year calendar that is set to end precisely em linha December 21, 2012. It is believed, that the end of the calendar marks caso time when the world will reset itself and change the way we live. What makes this calendar credible is that it was developed by an ancient but, very advanced civilization known as the Mayans. The were renowned in their advanced mathematics and unique abilities to monitor and calculate the skies developing accurate calendars that impresses even today's modern scientist.

Even the Book of Revelations (The Holy Bible), describes no sentido de mushroom cloud that will cover essa third of the world and flying objects that were made out of metal with "wings that sound like many chariots rushing into battle". The bible describes many signs and events that appear to be clearly describing today's times.

Who hasn't heard of the famous Nostradamus, who became infamous regarding the mystery behind his many predictions that came true decades after his books were published. One prediction in pessoal, described ao preço de solar event (known as the Winter Soltice) that will cause devastating results to the Earth causing autor transformational event of such magnitude not seen since the days of Noah. You will also discover the irony of how even modern day astronomers are predicting caso solar event that will have unknown consequences online the Earth.

These many predictions and how they land together na Internet common ground to predict that we are approaching the last days for modern day man. But, in further study of these prophecies you will discover that there is some hope. They are not necessarily describing the extinction of mankind but, more regarding no sentido de transformational change in the way we live our lives. By studying these prophecies, you too may find that there is em means to survive these end time predictions. Therefore, providing us time to prepare for survival for the end of the world.

The more you investigate, the more you should be prepared to unleash caso very frightening possibility that may be heading our way. The frightening truths about procedente disasters that are developing as we speak, the government cover-ups that are kept from the public, Swine Flu Pandemics and por variety of other events revealed by those that have devoted themselves to uncovering the truth.

Is it em mere coincidence or irony that so many predictions and prophecies come together and ironically sync in their conclusions regarding when will the world end. You will simply be amazed by how much these prophecies have in common such as....The Hopi Indian teachings, the Mayan long count calendar, The I-Ching prophecies, the Aztec and even the Holy Bible. Discover how they all come together to describe today's times as when the world will experience essa transformational change that will effect all living beings em linha the planet.

Can we simply write these off as para mere coincidence or do we accept the inevitable possibilities that com destino a transformational event is approaching and it's coming our way sooner than later. How do we ignore these ancient prophecies that describe so accurately today's times as when will the world end. Or, can we ignore how modern day events and even scientific predictions all sync to the same conclusion. Perhaps, we're given the unique opportunity to realize what is approaching and what can be done today to prepare for survival of tomorrow.
Кинофорум » Фильмы онлайн » Мультфильмы » When Will The World End
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